Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The School Play

The School Play

This is about the time of the month where school plays are coming together. I'll give you the tips!


Research your movie: For example, if you're doing " The wizard of Oz", you HAVE to watch the movie, and study the person you want to do.

Study your character:  If you want to be Dorthy, you have to practice the emotions she uses, the language she uses, and her tone of voice. You also have to practice how she reacts to situations.

Become your character: You have to become the character you want to be. You have to be another Dorthy. You have to walk like her, react like her, and you have to talk like her. Forget yourself, and become Dorthy.

Study your lines: You have to PRACTICE your lines. You can't get a role, then just forget the lines. Thats just shameful and shows lack of appreciation.

Record yourself: You have to record yourself and listen to it over and over. Just like when you remember a song, you listen to it over. Just think of your lines as a song.

Practice with others: You need to practice with other people and get the experience.

Critique & record yourself: Record yourself, and give yourself tips. Make your performance better.

What to expect

Pressure: You will have to go through a lot of pressure.
Stress: School & a play, that can be a lot of work.
Less Sleep: You have to practice, even if it means less sleep. :[
Fright: Everyone gets a bit scared at one point, even if its a bit of nervousness.
Congrats: When its all done and stuff, You will be happy you lived it through!


I might do our school play, Grease, because it seems like fun. I also like acting & theater. I just think you have to live it through. Keep going no matter what!!! :]   ~ Dio ♥

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