Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sleeping Without Jesse...

Sleeping With Sirens

Band Member:

Jesse Lawson Leaves band.

October 13 2013

The night of the 16th of October, Jesse Lawson, Guitarist, decided to leave the band..."The band and I have decided to part ways." Jesse writes. "There are no hard feelings and no hate behind it. It's time for me to focus on family and my next musical venture. The time spent with them has been a hell of a ride and on I'll never forget. I love and cherish them all as brothers and hope for the very best as they continue on. Thank you for your support." 

Jesse will be missed by ALL Sleeping With Siren (SWS) fans !! I am a huge fan, and I will alwyas be, and Im sad to see Jesse go, but im support him all the way. We have no right to hold him back! We hope you have a GREAT life experience, don't stop being awesome Jesse, love you.
But.. What will happen to the band?...
Kellin is married & has a kid.. Will THE LEAD SINGER leave...
Will the others Bail?
Who will play guitar?
Will there be a new band member..
Will Sleeping with sirens change..
Will everything be ruined...
So much more drama to come..
Love you SWS!! ♥♥♥

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