Friday, July 25, 2014



They're Hard To Avoid And Hard To Live Through... All About Detentions. 

Detentions will come and go. Sometimes you deserve them and other times your just at the wrong place at the wrong time. So, you might get a few throughout your life time, but you'll be okay, this survival guide will show you the Do's & Do Not's of what to do during detention.


1) Listen to the instructor; you're already in trouble, don't be a dummy.

2) Get some homework done; be productive, you have time to do something, might as well be homework.

3) Be on your best behavior; you don't want to give the instructor another reason to see you again after school.

4) Self-Reflect; Although, you may have not done something wrong, think about what you did do and and to learn from that so you don't end up in detention again.


1) Eat; It Can be disruptive and 9/10 its not allowed during detention.

2) Listen to music loudly; This will surely get you another detention, just be smart!

3) Sit near a friend; sitting near someone you know will more than likely be a problem and get you both in more trouble. Be safe and isolate yourself. 

4) Get on the teachers nerve; Don't be THAT person. Just get it over with. 

5) Try to Ditch/Skip/Leave; This dumb trick only gets you in a lot more trouble. Just do the right thing, its easier than the consequences will be. 

 End Note: Don't be an idiot. Serve your time, then your out and its over with, try not to go back and if you do... Well, I'll pray for you. Just try to be the amazing person you truly on the inside... deep...deep...deep... I mean really deep down. JK. Thanks for the views y'all are perfect!

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