Thursday, October 24, 2013

Good Note Taking

Good Note Taking

Notes aren't always easy to take. Some topics are harder to write about then others, sometimes all the information given to you, isn't enough for you to comprehend. There are three main ways notes are given, so ill help you through them. 

Given In A Lecture

- It may be really hard for you to catch all of the notes from a lecture. One thing to keep in mind is that you CAN'T stop writing, you just can't do that. It will ruin your flow of thinking. While listening, try to block out other sounds, and only focus on the speakers voice. Listen for important dates, and important key terms. Example, Thomas Hobbs was a philosopher, in the enlightenment. Then Enlightenment occurred in 16's-17's. Its when the people thought was there another way to do things? Is there an easier way to do things? Etc...
From that example, you will write down the name Thomas Hobbs, write down Enlightenment picker, write the dates given, then when you go home, if this isn't enough for you, you look up more on the subject.

From A Textbook

- Predominantly the easiest source, your textbook can help you out a lot. ALl the dates you need, definitions and all that good stuff is laid out for you. The hardest thing here might be formatting your notes. So I'll help with that.
1) Title & Date your notes.. (Use Highlighter to Highlight Title)
2) Write topic under, or the same topic, or just something that you will be talking about. (Star the word.)
3)Then write about it. (5 W's)
4) Any words you didn't understand or any concepts, underline the word while writing.
5) Underneath your writing, define the confusing words.
6) Then you'll have so pretty awesome looking notes. :D
(I might get a picture of my notes)

From The Internet 

- Another easy one almost. The problem is, not all sites are reliable. Its a big problem, but no one really monitors who is posting what all the time. So, for this type of note taking, I recommend, when you find a fact, try to find the same answer, or check its accuracy.
Ex: There are 345 Babies in the world
You'll look up how many babies there are in the world. Compare answers.

I hope this helps guys!! See you next time with a new Diovion's Tips.

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