Sunday, January 5, 2014


I decided to skip right down to rumors. A lot of rumors have been going on, correct? Now in 2014 everyone's got a say in someones business. So why not talk about it?  

There is a lot to get at when talking about rumors so lets break it up!

When it comes to you:

* When somebody comes at you with a rumor just IGNORE it
* Don't SPREAD it
* Tell the person it CONCERNS
* Try not to talk about it
* Tell the person telling you its FAKE and they should STOP spreading it

When It concerns you:

* Stay calm fighting isn't the BEST way
* Tell an adult
* Tell everyone it is just FAKE
* Tell the rumor spreader to STOP
* Don't stay on the topic, it makes you seem guilty
* Live on


People will always try and talk about you, because people just LOVE drama, but don't let it phase you, or your just giving them a reason to keep bothering you. Be the bigger person and let them know their little words and secrets don't hurt you because you know the truth about yourself.

~ Dio

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