Tuesday, February 5, 2013



I can actually say I HATE thief's! If I met a thief face to face I'd be like WTF, why do you steal!?!? If you ask you might get what you need to go around stealing things. I hate when a thief is somewhere where you keep your belongings, because they might take it of course.  


A thief is " a person who steals, especially secretly or without open forceone guilty of taking without permission" (Dictionary.com)

You put all of your items into your locker in the girls locker room. You have things in your backpack like lotion, food, and energy drinks, granola bars, money, candy, bracelets, phones, IPods, MP3 players. Then when you come back from gym tired hungry thirsty and ready to talk to someone, you find you locker open, and all your stuff gone. It hits you that a thief has come into your locker and stolen your items! 

What to do if your items are stolen:

Go tell your gym teacher, a security guard, or the main office. Someone will go and do something about it. Then you wait to see what happens. Most likely they are going to tell you someone thing like,  'sorry but  we can't replace it, next time bring a lock' your like that's a bunch of BS! 

What to do afterwards:

Call a parent, talk it out with a parent/teacher/friend. Everyones gonna know that your mad but try not to lash out on everyone. 

Face-To-Face with a Thief

Don't kill them just yet. Ask them why they did it, make them feel sad. Make them regret stealing from somebody, if you make them feel bad, you might feel bad, but your actually helping becuase later in the future they most likely won't steal again! 

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  1. I suppose u forgot the part were some of the people who got their stuff stolen didn't put a lock on their locker, therefore it was their fault for not being responsible for their belongings.