Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music I Listen to

Music I Listen To

        I love almost all Genres. I like Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock N Roll, Country. etc. But I listen to Rock the most. It helps me control myself. It makes me forget about everything, and clear my mind. You might think, how is rock relaxing? Well you hypocrite stereotypes, its not all yelling and Roar Roar! That's crap! Like saying rap is just drunk Negros cursing and talking foully about African-American women. Rock is not that bad, Its like Therapy.



* How You Remind Me

* Burn It To The Ground


* Oh Love

* 21 Gun

Linkin Park:

* Burn It Back Down

Neon Trees:

* Everybody Talks

Sleeping With Sirens

*Roger Rabbit

*Stomach tied in knots

*King For A Day

Pierce The Veil\

* King For A Day

* Bulletproof Love

These aren't just my favorite rock songs, they are my favorite songs of all time!

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