Sunday, January 6, 2013

How To Feel More Confident

How To Feel More Confident 

      No one wants to be  caught asking these types of questions, but me I truly don't care. If you don't feel confident that's a huge problem, because I know a lot of people and trust me when I say EVERYONE has something special about them. There are a few things that can help boost your confidence, so read on.

Ways To Feel Confident:

* Always stay clean and smell nice
(This helps out more than you think, if you stink do you really think you will feel comfortable much less confident about yourself?)

* Try to find something in you that no one else seems to have and show it to the world.
(No I don't mean if you have pretty hair boost about it , I mean personality wise, if your funny or talented show it to people your confidence will surely double.)

* Just know that your perfect
(Knowing your great at all times, can help you at your weakest moments)

* Buy new clothes or items
(Buying new things can help you feel better/confident I know I feel better when new clothes enter the closet.)

* Get A Makeover
(Every girl/boy has something great about them, but just getting a simple makeover can make you feel down, to a shining super star.)

* Be your own person
( DON'T EVER make people think that they hurt you because if they think that they will never stop, plus if someone calls you "ugly" you might not feel so hot, so don't let them phase you, those people are called, HATERS! )

* Face Your Fears
(Once you face what you have been scared of, you won't feel as bad, or you would feel better about yourself 100 percent!)

Sites I recommend for confidence boost:

 I don't recommend other sites for boosting YOUR self confidence because the first step of boosting your confidence is YOU! So you need to find the confidence within yourself, and stop looking for it on the Internet. )

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