Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Through A Boring School Day..

We ALL get super bored when we are at school of course.. So how do we make the days fun. Well it all depends on your regular school day, do you have a lot of friends, are they fun, do you stay after school, do you have a favorite teacher, do you have a favorite period. You can make the best of your school day with these little things.

Best Friends/ Really funny ones:
*Try to see them as much as possible
* Try to think about the good times you have with them
* Look forward to the classes you may have with them

Favorite Period/Subject:
* Think about the things that happen there
* Think if you go through the whole day you will be there
* think about being perfect so that you have a great class period

*-Think about the fun stuff you would do after school
* Think about people you will hang out with
* The cool things you will do at home
* FOODDDDD...... <3
* T.V shows & Activities
* Playing with friends/family

Thinking about good stuff will help you go through with a super long & boring day. Thinking about what will happen after will definitely help you out!

SIDE NOTE: When I put in the food comment spell check
said it was wrong but I added it to my dictionary "Boss Life"!

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