Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seating Arrangements


Since the 2nd semester is coming in, new seating charts may be a problem... or possibly a celebration.

There are a lot of worries when it comes to seating charts. There are Pro's and Cons. SO of course, Ill break it down for ya.


Sitting by friends:

You might get that chance to sit by someone that you really like. You guys can have the time of your life. You guys could help each other while having a ton of fun.

A change in environment:

By just changing your seat, your grade can improve. If you were in the back, and you get to move closer to the front, which helps improve your grade. Also, if you were sitting next to someone that you don't like, or who you rather not be near, you get the chance to finally move!

Possibly new friends:

Not all the time would you get to sit your friends, but you might have to sit next to someone you don't usually talk to. That can be a great opportunity to meet some new people, and possibly make new friends. Making new friends can be a great experience for you.

Better seat:

I personally hate sitting in the back of classrooms, not only do I not get to be very engaged and I fall asleep and day dream, but I don't have the best eyes, and it could kill my grade. So I usually sit near the front. If you're in the back, or not too close to the front, you can email or tell your teacher to move you near the front because it will help improve your grades.


Well there are a few BAD things that happen when you get moved. Basically everything above reversed. So terrible seat, next to stupid people, far in the back, next to someone you rather not be near! 

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