Thursday, January 16, 2014

School Dances


Winter Formal
Spring Fling


Homecoming goes back to the tradition of kicking off the new school year (and football season) by inviting and welcoming alumni to the big game - hence, the term "homecoming." 

Winter Formal:

 Winter formal, also called Winter festSweetheartsSnow Ball or Queen of Hearts Dance, is a dance held by high schools. It takes place between homecoming and prom, usually between December and March.

Spring Fling:

A group of events organized by different student groups that took place during the first week of spring. There is no formal format or plan you have to follow.  Many student groups would have a big formal dinner and dance party at the end of Spring Fling. 


 Prom, short for Promenade, goes back to the tradition (which was common in the South before the Civil War) of kicking off the Spring with a formal dance affair.


A turnabout dance is another name for a Sadie Hawkins dance. It dates back to a time in American history when it was very improper for girls to ask a boy on a date, or to propose marriage, or even to ask him to dance. However, on Sadie Hawkins day, the girls get to ask the boys without being improper.

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