Sunday, January 20, 2013

How To Download Free Music ♥♥♥

How To Download Free Music

 Hey there! I finally found out how to download free music from the Internet. I feel like a genius. So this Diovion's Tip is going to teach you how to do it step by step. Enjoy. I know, its like ABOUT TIME!

First step:

* Go to    
* Go to

Second Step:

*  Go to Youtube and pick a video you want to convert. 
"Oh Love" Green Day 

* Copy the " URL" (The stuff in the address bar) 
URL For "Oh Love" Green Day

 Third Step: 

* Paste the "URL" Into the box that says"Convert to MP3 " , Then press the button.
The "URL" is in the "CONVERT to MP3" box. 
 * Once you click the button it will load, then it will say to wait 5 seconds, then it will ask you to go download, click that button, it will tell you to wait another 5 seconds. Then it will say "download". 
Download button.

* Click the "Download" button, then it will say to wait again then something will pop up at the bottom of your page. 
The box is in the left hand corner.
* Then you click on the little arrow, a option list will pop up, click 'open', or 'open when done'. 
* Then it will be on your computer. 
* If you wanna download another song, do the process over again.


* Go to your start Menu.
* Click on the "My Computer" Button on the right side. 
* Go to downloads on your computer.
* You will go down until you find it. 
Its the one circled.
* If you double click it a realplayer thing will pop up and you could listen to it. 


* If you have an Iphone or another type of phone, it will give you the option to send it to your phone through,

* If you want to put it on your Ipad, Kindle Fire, IPod, Tablet, etc. Then take the "USB" Cord and plug it into your computer. 
USB Cord for a Kindle Fire
* Then a window will pop up that says the name of your device.

*Then go to the song. Right click and go down too send to. Then click on the name of your device. Then it will be on your device.

* if you have a Kindle Fire it will be under music, then go to SD Card.Then you will find it.

HOPE IT WORKED. Leave Comments about your experience.

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