Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All About Lockers

In school, one of the hardest things we have to do other than work, will be making an image for ourselves. This images includes small things like our clothes, style, attitude, Intelligence, lockers, friends, and electronics.  This Diovion Tip will help you out with lockers! 

This will be in two categories, if you have to share a locker & if you have your own. 


You aren't that lucky but there are good and bad parts to sharing a locker. 

*You can have a clean person who is very organised.*You might just get someone you like.*You guys can decorate together* You'll learn to go through with sharing*Someone will always know your combination.*You will be able to trust the person.

*The person could be a thief.
*They can't be trusted
*They borrow things without asking
*They are dirty & unorganized
*You HATE the person
*They don't agree on the decorations


You've Gotten Lucky... But Just How Lucky?

* You get to decorate it the way YOU want to
* Don't have to worry about people stealing
* You can be messy and/or neat
* Put things you don't want o=people to see in there
* Comfortable with you're locker

* You could forget you're Combination/Key
* Get Way too Messy and no one would tell you about it
* Probably not the best designer ever.. and it will look like crap

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