Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! (Hand Made & Bought Gift Tips!)


Happy Father's Day Everyone! Need help with gifts I bet, But There will be 4 different Categorizes. So I'll do that for you as usual! ♥ 

Non- Last Minute Bought Gift:

Save Up your money, and get him something he will need. It will make the gift even more special if he uses it a lot. Things you probably shouldn't get would be TIES.. That's so cliche and its not really all that special unless he really likes ties, or collects them! 

Non-Last Minute Hand Made Gift:   

Father's usually love hand made gift, because it shows your time and effort. But think over and above a basic card, those are for the Little kids, 9-Up need to be a bit more creative!! Make him a cake with his picture on it, or something like that. 

Last Minute Bought Gift:

Just because its last minute doesn't mean it has to be that way. Hopefully you were smart enough to start saving money ahead of time. If not then guess what, IMPROVISE, Get him a small gift you bought, but also make him a card or something better than that. 

Last Minute Hand Made Gift: 

DO NOT MAKE IT SEEM LIKE A LAST MINUTE GIFT! Even though it ius, put a lot of thought into it, my gift will be a last minute one, I will upload it onto here and show you what I gave him later. But don't make it look crappy. DON'T JUST AIM FOR A CARD.. Aim HIGHER! 

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