Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Science Fair Tips For Younger Kids


                         Science Fair Tips For Younger Kids           

            science Fair preparation can be a stress, especially when it's for younger children. But it could be fun, if you relax, step back, and follow these steps!

  • First think about what grade your child or student is in.        (EX: Kindergarten)
  • Next, think about how much information they can contain.                  ( A Decent amount)
  • Then you ask them what type of experiment they want to do.         ( Something fun and exciting)
  • Brainstorm ideas, and go on different websites.                                          (Google, Bing, Ehow, Wikipedia,etc.)
  • Think of experiments that you can "Dumb Down" and try to take about or exchange different materials or ingredients to make it an experiment.                                                                          (Making slime changing using different glue brands, making rock candy changing white sugar with brown sugar, using soft drinks see which one bubbles longer with Alka Seltzer.)
  • Think about if they can remember the projects, and if they can redo the procedure by themselves.
  • Then you should have a good project!
That's how you find a good science fair projects!

                                Sites I Recommend:

(Shows best science fair sites)

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