Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How To Be A Better Student


                     How To Be A Better Student

       I love school, when I'm not doing work of course. I am a great students, because of the way I do things and the people I hang out with. 

The Way I Do Things:

  • I like to ask questions and to help others.                                                                       (Believe me when I say helping others is like helping yourself understand better.)
  • I always try to study when I can.                                                                    (When you go home even if you don't want to try to organize your time, watch T.V when its on commercials study.)
  • Try to study ask friends to help out.                                                             (If your friends can't or won't help maybe you have the wrong friends.)
  • Read ahead or do extra work.                                                                     (This helps ready and prepare you for the upcoming lessons or tests/quizzes)
  • Stay after school for tutoring.                                                                                           (Stay to tutor you can have a better relationship with your teacher and be more willing to ask questions.) 
  • Research and find answers yourself.                                                                  (I'm really independent sometimes I don't like to ask teachers questions when everyone else gets the problems because I don't want to look stupid, so I research on my own to get answers.)
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