Thursday, April 4, 2013

Korean Attack!

Korean Attack!

Everyone .... Almost everyone has heard about the Korean Attack that is going to happen. North Korea Will set atomic bombs to the United States! :( ! So there has been a huge thing about it in Washington. Breaking news is that the U.S is going to blow up North Korea First! There are jets already over there waiting for a signal! But North Korea isn't stupid... they are going to do the same. But the shocking part is that it is going to happen TODAY... or TOMORROW night! This is horrible and everyone is scared. Death is one thing that is one every ones mind. I personally have a few things that I recommend.

1) If your not Religious in ANY way... you'd better re-think that... I recommend Christianity! I am a Christan and I think its a very powerful and strongly built religion.

2) Pray, pray, pray! Let the lord know that you love him and you wish that this could stop, or that  situation could get better, or even that you love him and when you die you want to be with him!

3) Get baptised if you aren't then get ready to burn in the pits of hell! GOD is REAL! HEAVEN and HELL are REAL places... The AFTER LIFE is REAL so think about it!

4) Don't say Y.O.L.O and do something "fun" or time wasting... spend time with the people you love, and the people you care about.

5) Stay in tune WATCH the news... or even go online for updates on whats happening!

6) There is NO WHERE to hide or go... Sadly we are most likely going to die if the bombs are dropped... So to everyone who is on this blog, or checks frequently... I want to say Thank You... I love you so much and your the ones who inspired me to blog and love writing...

So Long Loves,
~Diovion Gallimore
Bye Guys! Love you

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